Create a New Page in WordPress

This guide is intended to help you on how to create a new page in WordPress

Add Page

On the lefthand side menu, locate Page and hover over it and select Add New from the sub menu.

Once the Gutenberg editor opens, you will be presented with a screen similar to this

Gutenberg Editor

Adding a Title for the Page

To add a title for the page, click on the Add Title section and type your desired title

Edit Title

Adding Content to the Page

For how to add content to your page, please watch this video, that teaches you the basics

Other Options

Top Right Corner

There are some options found in the top right hand corner

Top Right Tools
  1. Save Draft: Saves the Post as draft. WordPress also auto-saves your posts as you write them
  2. Preview: Opens a preview of how the Post will look when published
  3. Publish: Publishes the Post
  4. Toolbar Icon: Turns the Block Toolbar on
  5. Three Dots: More Options

Block Toolbar

  1. Post: Displays the options for the post
  2. Block: Displays the options for the block that is selected
  3. Visibility: Can set post to Public, Private or Password Protected
  4. Publish: Set the date/time which you wan the post to be published
  5. Template: Select the way content is displayed when viewing your site, by choosing a template
  6. URL: change the URL address of the post
  7. Pending review: Marks the post as pending review
  8. Author: You can change the author of the post to another user

Block Featured Image

  1. Set featured image: Most WordPress themes support featured images or post thumbnails. Simply click on the set featured image link, and it will bring up the media uploader popup. You can select an image from your media library or upload a new image

Block Discussion

  1. Allow comments: You can turn off comments for specific posts. There is also a global option if you want the comments turned off on all posts

Block Discussion

  1. Parent Page: Set a page hierarchy
  2. Order: Set the order of the hierarchy

If you wouold like any further assistance with creating a page or anything else WordPress related, please feel free to contact us