Maintenance Plans

We offer a range of maintenance plans, aimed at being an ideal solution for you according to your requirements

Class A


60 minutes support time per month
Response/Fix time – within 4 business days

Class B


120 minutes support time per month
Response/Fix time – within 3 business days

Class C


180 minutes support time per month
Response/Fix time – within 2 business days

Class D


240 minutes support time per month
Response/Fix time – same business day

Included on all Plans

Add, edit or remove content

Make any amendments to your sites content

Navigation/Menu updates

Make any amendments to your sites navigation/menu

Style and layout changes

Alter the fonts, colours, alignment, spacing of your sites content

Image editing

Edit images so they are optimised for the website and use the latest file formats

Install new plugins

Install and configure plugins

Fix WordPress errors

Fix errors within WordPress

Plugin & Theme updates

Keep plugins and theme updated. Which aids in security, bugfixes and new features

WordPress core updates

Keep WordPress up to date. Which aids in speed, security, bugfixes and new features

if you need bespoke maintenance plan, we can design a solution specifically for your needs. Just get in touch

Get in touch with any questions, or if you need us to fix your site right now

Why have a maintenance plan?

As with your race car you need to keep it maintained and firing on all cylinders. The same is true for your WordPress website.  Our maintenance plans will keep your website secure, quick and displaying correctly.

Any WordPress website needs to be maintained once it is complete and all websites need security checks, monitoring, backups and regular updates.

There are many reasons why your WordPress site needs a maintenance plan to help grow your brand/business and not just to stay live. Here are the top four reasons why you need a maintenance plam:


If you’re not updating WordPress, plugins and themes then you are making it vulnerable to being hacked.

Time & Effort

You could easily spend hours, or even days, fixing issues and errors that arise.

Site Performance

Keep your site functioning as fast and user friendly as possible. A slow website will turn visitors away.

Peace of Mind

Reduces the likelihood that you will be blindsided by the need for emergency assistance with a site that has gone down or been hacked.

Time used to update WordPress, themes and plugins come out of monthly total.

All support and response times are office hours only – 10am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. If you need out-of-hours support for an event or anything else contact us to arrange.