How to Create a Admin User Account

This guide will assist you with creating an admin user account so we can assist you on your website. For security reasons please do not send us your user details.

Log in to your WordPress website, via your admin login URL, so you cam see the administration Dashboard. Link to get to administration Dashboard (admin login URL eg:

When you’re logged in, you will see your ‘Dashboard’.
Hover or click on ‘Users’. On the left-hand side, you will see a menu.

Click ‘Add New’ or across the top, click the ‘Add New’ button.

Fill out the form and set the role to Administrator.
If you’re creating the account for us, please DO NOT check ‘Send User Notification’.

At the bottom of the form, click the ‘Add New User’ button.

If you want us to be able to log in to your website, please copy the link to your admin login URL and the username in your email to us. Please do not include the password in your email to us. We will use the password reset feature to generate a password for our use.

Don’t forget to delete the account after we have finished with it.